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Buy Psilocybe Mexicana is a hallucinogenic fungus. It was first used by inhabitants of North and Central America approximately 2,000 years ago. The Aztecs called it teotlnanácatl, a combination of the Nahuatl words teotl (“god”) and nanácatl (“fungus”). French botanist Roger Heim classified this species.

Dr. Albert Hofmann discovered and named the active hallucinogenic chemicals psilocybin and psilocin from this species while working with specimens cultivated in his Sandoz laboratory. Dr. Hofmann consumed 32 specimens of artificially produced mushrooms, unsure whether they would retain their inherent psychedelic characteristics.

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Buy Psilocybe Mexicana Online, popularly known as the Mexican liberty cap, is a mildly to highly psychedelic mushroom native to the Mesoamerican region. Psilocybe Mexicana is a saprophytic, hygrophanous, sclerotium-forming mushroom found primarily in manure-rich grasslands and pastures.

Psilocybe Mexicana has an intriguing history. For almost 2,000 years, indigenous tribes in Central America have used these mushroom species for ceremonial purposes, according to historical and archeological evidence.

Psilocybe Mexicana For Sale, for example, was revered as a holy sacrament in Aztec culture and was known as “teonanacatl,” or God’s flesh.

Unfortunately, the early exploratory period of the Mesoamericas during the sixteenth century by Spanish conquistadors accompanied by missionaries forced such mushroom ceremonies into secrecy, as misguided Catholic missionaries persecuted those who were caught using them in their campaign against “pagan idolatry.”

However, several decades later, the eminent French mycologist Roger Heim traveled to Mexico and rediscovered and classified Psilocybe Mexicana, bringing back samples for laboratory culture. Dr. Albert Hofmann, a well-known Swiss chemist, discovered and identified the hallucinogenic chemicals psilocybin and psilocin from lab-grown samples in 1958.

Buy Psilocybe Mexicana Identification and Description

  • Cap: This species’ cap measures 0.5 to 3 centimeters in diameter. When young, it has a conic to campanulate to subumbonate shape, but when mature, it becomes convex, with a little raised portion in the middle (umbo). When wet, the surface is viscid to smooth, with striations running from the margin to the disc. The margin may be adorned with fine fibers at times. As previously said, P. Mexicana is a hygrophanous mushroom, which means that its color changes as it ages, therefore it is brownish to deep orangish-brown, fading in drying to yellow, becoming opaque with bluish or greenish tones with age or when wounded.
  • Gills: Gills are adnate to adnexed, sometimes sinuate. Pale grey to dark purplish brown with spore maturity, often with whitish edges
  • Stem: The stem is 4 to 12.5 centimeters in length and 1 to 3 millimeters in thickness. It is smooth and hollow, and it narrows towards the base. The stem is straw yellow to brownish in hue when new, darkening with age or when injured. On the upper section of the stem, there may be a sparsely fibrillose partial veil remnant.
  • Spore: Spores of this species are dark purplish-brown to blackish purple-brown. Ellipsoid to subellipsoid in side view, and subrhomboid in face view. The size of the spores is 8-9.9 by 5.5-7.7 micrometers.
  • Spore Print: The spore print of P. Mexicana is dark purple-brown.
  • Odor and Taste: The smell and taste of this species are said to be farinaceous, which means resembling flour.
  • Edibility: P. Mexicana is edible but produces psychoactive effects, thus caution is advised.
  • Habitat: This species grows alone or in small groups in grass fields, meadows, and field-forest interfaces that are frequently grazed by sheep, horses, cattle, yaks, water buffalo, bison, lamas, or other domesticated animals and are thus rich in manure, which this species requires in order to thrive. Furthermore, P. Mexicana demands a moist climate (800-3000 millimeters of rainfall) for optimal growth and is hence most usually found at or below elevations of 1000-1800 meters above sea level in limestone regions.
  • Sclerotia: P. Mexicana has the ability to create a sclerotium, which is a dry, hardened, nutlike structure that indicates a dormant stage of the mushroom. Sclerotium-forming mushrooms, like this one, use this latent state as a defense mechanism against environmental disasters like repeated fires that ravage grassland ecosystems.
  • Range: Buy Psilocybe Mexicana is endemic to Central and South America and can be found growing from May through October in subtropical regions of Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, and Costa Rica.

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