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B+ magic mushrooms are one of the most well-known and popular Psilocybe cubensis in recent times. It’s a favorite strain among first-time trippers and mycologists. The origins of B+ mushrooms are shrouded in obscurity.

What we do know is that it was developed in Florida by a cultivator named Mr. G. He created this strain for ease of cultivation and high yields. It did not disappoint, as this amazing strain swept through the cultivation community. Since the 1990s, the best-selling strain has been B+ magic mushrooms.

B+ magic mushrooms have one of the widest caps in the psilocybe cubensis family. This strain is very well renowned for its good ratings; it is considered to provide one of the most pleasant visual and spiritual experiences. It is a multipurpose and all-purpose mushroom. Recommended for both new and experienced psychonauts.

After 10-30 minutes of taking B+ mushrooms, you will experience exhilaration and energy. You will get modest to significant visual enhancements depending on the dosage. Things may appear to be breathing, the environment around you may feel more alive, and you may find yourself in contemplative meditation. Music and art will appear and feel different, and you will have a greater appreciation for them, as well as the ability to relate to them on a more personal level.

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Why Is the B+ Strain Mushroom So Popular?

B+ mushrooms are popular for two seemingly opposing reasons, as well as a third unrelated reason: For starters, their potency is around ordinary. The B+ strain is ideal for anyone looking for mushrooms that can offer consistent, reasonable dosages of psilocybin.

Second, they appear to be more benign and friendly than other “average” mushroom types. While it is possible to have a terrible trip with any mushroom strain, the general consensus among those who have used the B+ mushrooms is that the experience was quite nice and within control.

The third reason B+ mushrooms are so popular is that they are simpler to cultivate than other kinds. B+ mushrooms are tough and can grow in less-than-ideal conditions, making them ideal for first-time growers and those who have previously failed to cultivate mushrooms.

Are B+ Strain Shrooms Legal?

Possession, use, and cultivation of B+ strain shrooms is federally forbidden in the United States. It should be noted that while producing magic mushrooms is illegal, purchasing and possessing the necessary components is not. This is why merchants can legally sell spores and uninoculated substrates even though assembling the components to produce mushrooms is illegal.

Where to Buy B+ Mushroom Spores & Grow Kits

B+ is a relatively common strain so you should be able to find this on just about any major spore or growkit supplier in the US, Canada, or Europe.

What Are the Effects of B+ Shrooms?

Similar to other P. cubensis strains, Buy B+ mushrooms produce euphoria, spiritual experiences, hallucinations, and an overall sense of warmth and well-being. Many users of B+ mushrooms describe the experience as relaxing, claiming that it was easier to relax and let the experience unfold than with other strains.

Everyone reacts differently to psilocybin, but the consensus among B+ users is that it is more visual and less contemplative than other strains. Users also indicate that B+ is less likely to create unpleasant trips and undesirable side effects such as nausea and vomiting, however side effects are still dose-dependent.

How to Take B+ Strain Shrooms

Magic mushrooms are infamous for having an unpleasant, bitter taste, and B+ shrooms are no exception. There are numerous methods for consuming magic mushrooms, depending on how thoroughly you want to conceal the flavor and how long you’re willing to wait before taking your dose.

1. Make Mushroom Tea

Shroom tea is the most popular way to ingest Buy B+ mushrooms. Making shroom tea is simple, using only one to three grams of dried B+ mushrooms, two tea bags of your choice, and two cups of water. Boil the water and let the mushrooms dissolve in one tea bag for around ten minutes after grinding the mushrooms. Strain the tea and do the same with the second teabag.

2. Lemon Tekking

“Lemon tek” is another wonderful technique to take B+ shrooms For Sale without getting sick. Lemon tek is made by soaking powdered mushrooms in diluted lemon juice for 20 minutes before drinking. Because lemon tek intensifies the psychedelic effects, experienced users advise taking a lower dose of B+ than usual.

3. Mushroom Capsules

To hide the flavor of mushrooms, pound them into a powder and then fill capsules. Standard 00 caps should contain about 750 mg of magic mushrooms, so take 2-6 for a hallucinogenic dose.

4. Eat Them Raw

The simplest way to consume magic mushrooms is to eat them whole. They aren’t particularly tasty, but they are effective and require no preparation. Many folks will wash their magic mushrooms down with juice to mask the taste.

Alternatively, you can mask the taste by adding your mushrooms to some cuisine – just make sure you don’t add the mushrooms until AFTER you’ve cooked the food. The active compounds in the mushrooms will be destroyed by high heat. If you create a pizza, bake it first, then top it with the dried mushrooms after it comes out of the oven.

5. Blue Honey

Honey is an excellent psilocybin solvent. Cut the mushrooms into little pieces and coat them with honey. Allow it to sit for many weeks, stirring the mixture every few of days.

Most of the psilocybin will have dissolved into the honey after roughly two weeks. For psychedelic effects, you can eat the honey raw, put it into tea, or spread it over toast.

B+ Mushrooms Dosage

There are many guides on the internet that recommend shroom dosages (including us), and while they may work for the typical individual, there is no assurance that generic recommendations will be appropriate for you.

Each person’s metabolism is unique, and not all mushrooms of the same species are equally potent. Experimentation is the best approach to decide your dose.

Begin with a low dose, ideally less than one gram the first time. Take note of how your body reacts, and gradually raise the dose throughout future experiences until you reach a comfortable level.

Even while experimenting is the best method to determine the correct shrooms dose for you, knowing typical dosing suggestions will help you converse with other psychonauts. Most individuals categorize doses, beginning with microdoses on the low end and progressing to heroic doses on the high end.

  • Microdose: 0.2 to 0.5 grams
  • Threshold dose: 0.5 to 1 gram
  • Psychoactive dose: 2 to 5 grams
  • Heroic dose: Greater than 5 grams

The Importance of Set & Setting

The term “set” relates to your thinking at the start of a trip. You should always make an effort to maintain a pleasant mental state. Avoid consuming mushrooms if you don’t think the conditions are correct or if you’re with someone you don’t entirely trust.

The location of where you eat magic mushrooms (the “set”) will have a significant impact on your experience. Set up a peaceful, distraction-free area where you may relax during the travel. Noisy rooms and situations that make you nervous are not suitable for a mushroom trip.

Are B+ Shrooms Safe?

B+ mushrooms For Sale are as safe as other strains of P. cubensis, which means they’re relatively safe when taken appropriately. Because there have been no reported incidences of toxicity from magic mushrooms, toxicity is not a worry.

However, using huge dosages can result in extremely severe side effects. Heroic dosage users frequently report strong, visceral visual hallucinations that can be scary. Side effects such as nausea, vomiting, muscular weakness, and drowsiness are also more prevalent at higher doses.

Taking a dangerous species by accident is also a concern when picking wild mushrooms. Because it is possible to mistake a poisonous species for P. cubensis, most users should grow their mushrooms or buy them from a reputable source rather than picking them in the wild.

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